Blues Junior Billm Mod

this is what i did. it doesn’t include the presence mod, so you’d have to search for that. all of this is for the blues junior 3. make sure which circuit board you have. you will find info for the other circuit boards too but you will have to dig through forums.

Apr 03, 2008  · Hi I had a friend who modded my BJ using Billm mods from his website as a guide. He’s done this stuff before so he knew what he was doing. He added the presence control knob, and When i turn it from left to right, i barely notice a difference.

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Entrevista com o criador dos "mods" sobre o assunto: /02/ ml. A milésima mod.

MODs and Upgrades to the Blues Junior. We heartily endorse many of the Bill Machrone (or BillM) MODs, in particular the power supply capacitor MOD, the signal path capacitor MODs, and especially the adjustable fixed-bias MOD. The replacement of the power on/off toggle switch with a 3-way toggle that gives off/standby/on is a great.

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My reverb tank went out on my Fender Blues JR, so I was looking for a replacement. These MOD tanks got high marks from a few forums I read, but some people claimed it wasn’t as stock sounding and didn’t vary much past about 3 or 4 on the dial.

Fender Amp Modifications. Blues Jr. • Correct the bias circuit so that the output tubes no longer overheat. Overheating tubes can cause damage to the tube sockets, circuit board and premature failure of the tubes. Please note that the bias and oscillation mods above are included in he BillM basic mods. The result of the mod.

29 juin 2016. Salut à tous, J'aurais besoin d'avis concernant la modification de l'emplacement des tubes sur le châssis Le but serait de convertir mon Blues.

Does anyone have the installation instructions for Billm's Blues Jr. bias pot mod? I recently had the Billm mods done on my amp, but I didn't.

Fender Blues Junior modification kits and services. Friends of Billm Audio, it is my sad duty to report to you the passing of Bill Machrone, this past Sunday, 30th of October.

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Please see also Bill Machrone's excellent Blues Junior Modification Pages for. This mod is easy to do (and easy to undo if you don't like it) for anyone who is.

Eine sehr gute Site ist die von Bill Machrone, Seine Billm Mods gehören zu den bekanntesten Blues Junior Mods und die Wartezeit auf einen.

May 03, 2011  · Having just got a Blues Jr III and I’ve been reading the Billm site. If you believe everything on there including the comments you would think the std Blues Jr.

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May 03, 2015  · My Blues Jr (tweed) needs a repair. The plastic input jack needs replacing and there is an issue that keeps it from powering up. It’s going to the.

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Jan 24, 2008. OK, so i did these mods last night. and after having spent a few hours playing around with it there is one mod i hate. I did his simple cooler bias.

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Highly recommend this mod for any Blues junior or Princeton owner. #billm # billmaudio #to20b #heyboer #heyboertransformers #davdallenamplification.

Sponsored by Fender ‘Blues Junior’ I, II & III – Giving Them A Bigger Tone Range So you want more bass output from this popular little 15W amp?

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Aug 28, 2007  · Honestly I never thought of the Blues Junior as a great amp for cranked distortion. At least I prefer my Deluxe Reverb in that regard. It sounds good there and the Billm mods improve things, but it’s never been a great amp there no matter what the mods.

Fender Blues Jr Junior Complete Mod Kit for MIM Amps. Unleash the tone of your Blues JR. Complete kit includes all the parts and detailed instruction booklet with photo’s for all the following mods. If your amp is Made in Mexico then this is the mod you want. If you have an older Blues Jr that is Made in USA then you should order the other.

Permalink. You are certainly justified in your concerns regarding the way the pots and input jack are mounted in the Blues Junior. They are prone to.

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If you were thinking of getting a new blues junior, this would be a far better option. Check out the BillM Audio website if you want to read up on these mods. This is running on JJ 6v6 power tubes (instead of el84), with an upgraded TP24 power transformer, and an upgraded TO20 output transformer.

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Hello Johnny- Thanks for commenting. Disconnecting a "bright cap," like we are talking about doing on the Blues Junior, will dramatically reduce the treble response of ANY amp, especially at lower volume settings.

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Jul 5, 2013. Like many guitarists, I am the proud owner of a Fender Blues Junior amplifier. Picked it. named Bill M. who runs the definitive website for Blues Junior mods. My mods were performed against the Blues Junior III schematic.

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Oct 10, 2010. A friend of mine have a Blues JR iHe want me to modify for harp. You might consider trying the twin-stack mod from Billm while you're in there.

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Jul 19, 2016  · Sadly BillM has passed, his son is continuing on with with the business and is now supplying mod kits and in house service. As noted in the beginning of this post I do offer mods to the Blues Jr, they are similar in some ways to BillM’s but have notable differences as well, I sell kits and offer in house service.

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There are other mods for Fender Blues Junior which will do the trick here! The most common is BillM mods ( ). Here’s a video demonstration of BillM modified Fender Blues Junior:

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Hi Bill, I can see this amp has both presence and sparkle mods. I don’t know how to mod my amp. I want to cut high frequencies harshness. apart from the schematic difference between these two mods that I am able to figure out would you say that presence mod is better for Jazz players and de-sparkle mod (on series “II”) is better for Blues or Rock.